FlyOne Baggage Policy

Hand baggage

Hand baggage is regarded the baggage you transport in the passenger’s cabin and will be positioned below your seat in the front of you or in the baggage compartment above. All passengers are entitled to one single hand baggage, dimension 40x30x20 cm.

The dimension limits consist of the wheels, the deal with or lateral pockets. In order now not to create inconveniences to different passengers, the hand baggage exceeding these norms will be transported as registered luggage, in the airplane’s bags department.

A different “gate baggage fee” of ninety EUR will be charged whilst boarding if passenger’s hand baggage will exceed the particular above baggage allowance.

Besides the hand luggage, the following gadgets are allowed, in case of strict necessity:

For all the passengers, without the youngsters up to two years old:

  • 1 coat, scarf or blanket
  • 1 umbrella or cane
  • 1 video/photo digicam or binocular 
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