Rossiya airlines’ baggage policy

The Rossiya Airlines baggage coverage for everyday fundamental fares consist of the following:

  1. Personal object – 1 item, no additional, ought to be tagged with the aid of airline representative
  2. Carry-on bag – 1 item, no additional, should be tagged through airline representative
  3. Checked baggage / Hold baggage – 1 object Applicable charges per bag enlarge with variety checked
  4. Overweight and Oversize baggage – Applicable prices per bag relying on weight and dimension categories
  5. Sports gear – Certain gadgets would possibly have relevant fees

Rossiya Airlines’ carry-on baggage policy

Rossiya Airlines approves 1 carry-on bag and 1 private object (purse, briefcase, laptop computer bag) per passenger rate free. All baggage and private objects ought to be inspected and tagged by way of a Rossiya Airlines representative. The carry-on ought to now not exceed the following measurement and weight restrictions:

  1. 47 linear inches (21 x sixteen x 10 in) or one hundred twenty centimeters (55 x forty x 25 cm) which include handles and wheels
  2. 5 kg/11 lbs – Economy Class; 10 kg/22 lbs Business Class
  3. Fit in the overhead bin or below the seat in the front of you. 
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