Air Belgium

Air Belgium SA is a Belgian scheduled as well as charter airline that is headquartered in Mont-Saint-Guibert and is based at Brussels Airport. The airline was started in 2016. The intention was to link Belgium to the destinations like Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Wuhan, Taiyuan, and Zhengzhou from the base of the airline situated in Brussels. 

The size of the airline’s fleet is 9. 

  • They offer you a complete service that includes two meals and drinks
  • The cabin crew offers a range of snacks and spirits on board to complement your meal. Our selection also includes Belgian products.
  • You can simply choose and pay by credit card with Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro.
  • Soda, juices, aperitifs, beers, wines, and typical Belgian drinks, offer you a wide selection of drinks according to your travel class.
  • In Business and Premium class, a selection of wines is offered by Grafé Lecocq as well as champagne or sparkling wine. You can try the exclusive Curcu Beer brewed in Binche with fresh aromas or a Duvel beer selected from our menu. And if you want a taste of the Caribbean, they offer you high-quality Antillean rum or Curaçao liqueur.

Business Class

  • As soon as you board the aircraft you will offer your first refreshing drink in the comfort of your seat. 
  • A wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be offered. Your crew will then take your order for a starter, main course, dessert, and drinks. 
  • A light gourmet snack will be served directly to your seat.
  • A second meal will be served before your arrival at your destination. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will also be offered with this second service. 
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