Frequent Flyer Program

Air Global Fair Frequent Flyer Program
1. For frequent flyer program Minimum miles required- 20,000 qualifying miles or 30 round trips in one calendar year or a minimum of 10000 dollars in annual spending.
2. Offer will be gifted in all classes, whether economy, business, or first class.
3. All three miles will be different. For example, if you have completed 20000 miles in economy classes, then you can get our offers on the economy class. If you have completed in business class, then the offer will be applied to the business class.
4. There will be no joining charges, but you can buy the 20000 miles at 459 dollars on your first flight, and after that, you will be immediately able to get offers from your next trip.
5. Your offers will never expire.
6. You will have the liberty to use the offers and money simultaneously, and if you have collected enough discount offers, you can use them for a free flight.
7. These offers will also be available on hotel bookings. You can use it and earn it while booking hotels using air globally.
8. These discounts can also be used for car rentals. While car rentals also offer you these discount offers.
9. The offers are available for flying any kind of airline-only condition that applies is that you have booked your tickets through us.
10. You are not eligible for the offers if you are just trying to change your seats or online check-in.
11. Offers can be used for the additional food charges on the plane.
12. Offers are valid to all age groups from age 21 to 65.
13. You can transfer your offer from one member of your family to another.
14. You do not earn offers on the food you buy or any transaction you do while traveling.

Note: All the offers are subject to availability and Air Global Fair has all the rights to cancel them anytime it wants.

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