French Bee Baggage Policy

Personal object and raise on

One can additionally take a look at in their baggage earlier than the closing date of their flight and pay via the Web check-in. The passengers travelling in any category are instructed to deliver 26Lbs portions of hand baggage with one accent of 9Lbs  to match the cabin requirement.

The maximum dimensions of the hand baggage (55 x forty x 20cm). The one accent consists of (40 x 30 x 15cm) which have to match effortlessly below the seat in the front of you. Passengers who bought a primary ticket have to pay baggage allowance if needed.

Checked Baggage

The checked Baggage is accessible solely for Smart and Premium Class and is relevant for adults and teens aged between 2to 12.

The most ability of the baggage need to be 158cm with length+breadth+height. The Smart: 1 23kg (50 lbs) checked bag, PREMIUM: two 23kg (50 lbs) checked bags.

For the Smart fare, solely one checked baggage is allowed whilst for the top class baggage two portions of baggage are allowed and the provider is on hand throughout the buy of the airline ticket and up to forty eight hours earlier than departure. via on-line booking, it begins at 35£ at least forty eight hours earlier than the departure whilst it starts offevolved at 75£ whilst reserving in the airport.

The most dimensions must be a 10 kg (22 lbs) bag and a foldable stroller forr the children.  Passengers can get checked baggage for free if they have sold the top class and clever classification tickets.

Additional or extra baggage:

The passengers have to pay for the additional baggage if they are travelling with French bee airlines. You can reserve and pay for your extra baggage with the aid of French bee airways patron provider which is open from 7 am to eight pm Paris time only. And they can pay at the French bee desks at the Paris Orly and La Réunion airports. The price will be expanded on the departure these days beginning at 100£ and day of departure so one can make the fee at French bee airways reservations which price beginning at 70£ beforehand. 

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