LOT Polish Airline Baggage Policy

LOT Polish Airline baggage coverage has a specified gadget of the number, weight and measurement specs relying upon the routes and the classification of the passengers.

Check-in Baggage

Intercontinental Flights

Business Class passengers – three portions of baggage with every bag no longer exceeding the most weight of 32 kg.

Premium Economy Class and Economy category – two portions with every bag weighing now not greater than 23 kg (except for Economy travelers of intercontinental flights to the USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Kazakhstan and Singapore the place solely one piece of check-in baggage is permitted.)

International Flights

Business Class passengers – two portions of baggage with a most of 32 kg for every bag.

Premium Economy Class – two portions with every bag weighing equal to much less than 23 kg.

Economy Class – 1 bags with a most weight of 23 kg.

Economy Saver Class – This category is no longer entitled to elevate check-in baggage however can do so through paying sponsored prices for the same.

Domestic Flights

The LOT Polish Airline check-in baggage weight for home flights are constrained to 23kg.

LOT Polish Airline check-in baggage measurement for all type is limited to a most of 158cm (height+length+breadth) in total. Any baggage exceeding the limits both in measurement or weight incurs an extra charge.

Cabin Baggage

The LOT Polish Airline baggage weight for cabin baggage additionally range in accordance to the type of travel.

Premium Economy Class(intercontinental flights) – two portions up to 12 kg and single piece no longer weighing greater than eight Kg

Premium Economy Class(international flights) – 1 piece or bag no longer weighing extra than eight Kg

Economy and Economy Saver Class -1 piece up to eight kg.

Business Class – Passengers who have booked air tickets in Business Class can lift two portions which with piece or bag much less than or equal to 9 kg

The LOT Polish Airline baggage measurement certain for all cabin baggage is 55x40x23 cm. 

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