Norwegian Air UK baggage policy

The Norwegian Air UK (DI) baggage coverage for everyday fundamental fares consist of the following:

Carry-on baggage.

  • 1 private object – Fee free
  • 1 carry-on object – Fee free

Checked baggage / Hold bags – Applicable expenses established on particular ticket type

Overweight and Oversize luggage – Applicable costs per bag relying on weight and measurement categories

Sports tools – Certain objects may have relevant fees

For specific promotions or provides for greater luggage, take a look at out the Norwegian Air UK (DI)  site.

Norwegian Air UK carry-on baggage policy

Norwegian Air UK (DI) approves 1 carry-on bag and 1 non-public object (purse, briefcase, laptop computer bag) per passenger price free.

Carry-on ought to now not exceed the following measurement and weight restrictions (dependent on ticket type):

LowFare, Lowfare+, Flex, Premium

  • 1 carry-on bag: max. 55x40x23 cm
  • 1 small non-public item: max. 25x33x20 cm
  • Max. blended weight: 10kg


  • 1 carry-on bag: max. 55x40x23 cm
  • 1 small non-public item: max. 25x33x20 cm
  • Max. blended weight: 15kg
  • Duty free luggage and airport purchases have to in shape into the hand baggage allowance.

Special Note: If you are traveling to or from Dubai your hand baggage ought to no longer exceed 8kg. This is due to weight restrictions on board these flights.

NOTE: Bulkhead seats do no longer have underneath seat storage, therefore, all carry-on baggage have to be stowed in the overhead bin throughout take-off and landing.

Norwegian Air UK checked baggage / preserve bags policy

Norwegian Air UK (DI) general checked baggage / preserve bags coverage important points follow:

LowFare Ticket (Domestic and International): No baggage included.

LowFare+ Ticket (Domestic and International): 1×20 kg bag included.

Flex, Premium and PremiumFlex Ticket (Domestic and International): 2×20 kg bag included.

Each bag have to now not be heavier than 32 kg or lighter than two kg.

Your whole quantity of checked luggage can’t weigh greater than 64 kg.

Each bag need to no longer exceed 250x79x112 cm (LxHxW) with max. circumference 300 cm.

Expenses for baggage on Norwegian Air UK

Yes, costs may apply. Different fees practice to purchases made on line or at the airport/ Checked baggage is charged per item, per one way. Baggage fees will fluctuate relying on your itinerary.

Direct flights (Price when bought at the airport):

Domestic: 50€

International: 80€

Connecting flights (Price when bought at the airport):


Domestic/international: 130€

International/international: 160€

Checked bagged bought on line will range in prices relying on your itinerary. Checked baggage is charged per item, per one way. A 2nd checked bag will be charged at a greater price. For particular statistics based totally on metropolis please see the following URL underneath the Checked baggage bought on-line section. 

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