Pegasus Airlines’ baggage policy

The Pegasus Airlines (PC) baggage coverage for everyday simple fares encompass the following:

  1. 1 carry-on object – Fee free
  2. Checked baggage / Hold bags – Fee per every bag
  3. Overweight and extra luggage – Applicable charges per bag
  4. Sports tools – Certain objects would possibly have relevant fees.

Pegasus Airlines’ (PC) carry-on baggage policy

Pegasus Airlines (PC) permits 1 carry-on bag and choose non-public object (purse, briefcase, laptop computer bag, umbrella, responsibility free bag, etc.) per passenger price free.

Carry-on have to now not exceed the following dimension and weight restrictions:

  1. 20 cm x forty cm x fifty five cm
  2. 8 kg

Pegasus Airlines’ (PC) checked baggage / maintain bags policy

Pegasus Airlines’ (PC) trendy checked baggage / preserve baggage allowance varies based totally on ticket class:

On Turkey home flights and flights to Northern Cyprus:

  1. Essentials: no extra than 15 kg of luggage
  2. Advantage: no extra than 20 kg of luggage
  3. Extras: no extra than 25 kg of luggage
  4. On worldwide flights:
  5. Basic: no checked baggage allowance
  6. Essentials: no greater than 20 kg of luggage
  7. Advantage no extra than 20 kg of luggage
  8. Extras: no greater than 25 kg of luggage

Passengers below two years of age have a baggage allowance of 10kg, and can’t buy extra baggage. 

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