RwandAir Baggage Policy

Cabin baggage

Cabin baggage is baggage that is now not checked into the maintenance of the aircraft, however, is stored in the cabin beneath the passenger’s custody. It is carried free of cost if falling inside the free allowance. The passenger shall shop the cabin baggage in the overhead bin or beneath the seat in front of him/her.

Each Passenger is allowed to lift one 22x15x8 inch [55x38x20 cm] bag no longer weighing greater than 21 lbs [10kgs] to all locations with the exception of Johannesburg where the authority restricts this to 15lbs [7kgs].

  1. The above weight and measurement barriers shall be confirmed and tested with the aid of the use of the WB baggage molds/ sizers at test areas. All baggage exceeding the unchecked baggage limits shall be checked-in.
  2. Wheelchairs or different assistive systems (a wholly collapsible invalid’s wheelchair and/or a pair of crutches) supplied that the passenger is based on them
  3. When a toddler carrycot is carried, light-weight articles such as bedding, diapers, feeding bottles, and enough meals for the trip can also be carried free supplied the whole weight does now not exceed 12 kilograms.
  4. RwandAir affords more baggage carriage services for its consumers who journey on the airline’s network. The carriage offerings come at a price that varies from one vacation spot to another, area to region, and/or vacation spot to region, or vice versa as nicely as the kind of plane being used. The extra baggage coverage will serve as the groundwork for costs relevant in every area of the whole network.

This coverage follows the general checked-in baggage allowance; that is to say two pieces of luggage of 23 kg every in the economic system class, two pieces of baggage of 23 kg every in the top class economic system category, and three baggage of 23 kg every in commercial enterprise class.

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