S7 Airlines Baggage policy

Carry-On Allowance :

1 Bag

On all S7 flights, every passenger is allowed one (1) carry-on item. The carry-on hand baggage ought to now not weigh greater than 7 kilograms and the exterior dimensions (H+L+W) should now not exceed fifty-five x forty x 20 centimeters. Business category passengers are allowed two gadgets with identical weight and dimension restrictions. Passengers may additionally lift the following objects on board that is now not covered in the 7 kg bag: purse, umbrella, cane, video camera, laptop, go well with bag, or crutches.

Checked Baggage

All passengers who have bought a seat are entitled to a free baggage allowance of one bag weighing 20kg for the economic system category and two pieces of baggage (maximum weight of one bag is 23 kg) weighing a complete 30 kg for commercial enterprise class. 

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