Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is one of the major airlines of the United States of America. In terms of price, it is one of the largest low cost carriers. It covers almost 121 destinations in the USA and numerous locations in 10 other countries. Southwest Airlines is the USA most domestic serving airline. 

Southwest flights to over 100 destinations in 42 states including Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

It is the cheapest airline in the USA and apart from it, it is offering quality flights including checked bags which is becoming increasingly rare for airlines. It always delivers quality flights for the discounted rate. 

If we talk about the number of aircrafts then Southwest Airlines operates 735 aircraft and to be surprising all of them are Boeing 737 jetliners. Southwest airline is the largest operator of Boeng 737 in the world. It gives an upper hand to the airline as a single type of aircraft allows Southwest pilots and attendants to crew any aircraft in the fleet without restrictions. 


Southwest Airlines only offers economy class seats, and it doesn’t have any business or first class cabins on any of its aircraft. Still, it offers a large number of amenities to its passengers.

The most lucrative offer of Southwest airlines is the permission of two free of charge checked bags per passenger.

Another one is the chance of changing the flight prior to 10 minutes before you have your flight without paying any extra charges. 

Travel Credit

One other benefit that Southwest Airlines offer is that they offer travel credit when you cancel your tickets and that travel credit can be used for your next Southwest flights or in the Southwest Vacations purchase. The best thing is that these credits do not expire. 

Complimentary Drinks

It offers free in-flight non alcoholic beverages as well as it offers alcoholic beverages for sale of 6 to 7 dollars. On special occasions such as on valentine day or Halloween it offers free alcoholic drinks too. This airline is known for the colorful boarding announcements as well as crews that sometimes they burst out in song. 

Fast Boarding

The boarding procedure of Southwest airlines is one of the most creative ways. It is known for saving a lot of time while passengers are boarding the plane. According to the 2012 study, it was found that the procedure is almost ten minutes faster than the standard method. In 2020 Airline Quality Rating list, the airline ranked number one. 

Entertainment in flight 

Every Southwest airlines aircraft is equipped with wi-fi with free of cost live tv, movies, streaming music, as well as app messaging. You get the service of messaging such as iMessage and WhatsApp as well as real time flight tracking information. You can get full internet access at a nominal fee for regular passengers. 

Southwest Airlines Rapid Reward Program 

It was June 18, 1987 when Southwest Airlines started the Rapid Rewards, a frequent-flyer program. On March 1, 2011 rapid rewards changed into the point system in which depending upon the cost of the tickets you are getting members get the redeem points based on the four tier fare scale multiplier of the ticket costs. 

The best thing about the rapid reward point is that they never expire as long as the member is alive. It adds more options for using the points. 

Do seniors get priority while boarding on Southwest Airlines?

No, Southwest Airlines do not offer priority while boarding but they offer seating and accommodation to the disable people as well as assistance to them. For more info contact us.

What is an early bird check in Southwest Airlines? 

earlyBird Check In is the part of the purchase of an anytime fare. Customers who purchase the Anytime fare automatically automatically get checked in to their flight 36 hours before the scheduled departure. 

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