TAAG Angola Airlines Baggage Policy

Cabin Baggage

Domestic flights: As per the TAAG Angola baggage policy, the cabin baggage measurement that is allowed per man or woman for a home flight is a max of 5kg for economic system class. And that of the Business classification and the First type is a max of 8kg.

International flights: For a global trip, the baggage weight is a max of 8kg with an exception for the flights from Beijing and Brazil the place the passengers can lift up to 10kg of cabin baggage. However, the TAAG Angola baggage dimension that is allowed should now not exceed the most dimension of 115cm such as its length, width, and height.

In addition to the cabin or hand baggage, passengers can elevate one non-public object which may additionally be a shoulder bag or laptop computer bag, or clinical devices.

Checked Baggage

Domestic flights: For home flights, TAAG Angola baggage weight for the check-in baggage in the economic system type is one baggage with a weight of 30kg, and the dimension must now not exceed 158cm. For enterprise-class, the passengers are allowed to lift most of one piece of baggage no longer weighing greater than forty Kg.

International flights: In global flights, as per the TAAG Angola baggage policy, a passenger traveling for Economy Class can elevate two portions with every baggage or piece no longer weighing greater than 23 kg. Travelers or passengers who have booked flight tickets on Executive Class can elevate most of two portions or baggage with every baggage now not exceeding 32 kg. Passengers touring on First Class are allowed to raise most three portions of baggage with every weighing now not greater than 32 Kg.

If you are visiting with an infant, you can test an extra 10kg of baggage in the cargo besides any more charges.

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