Trip To London


The Tower Bridge, a famous bascule and suspension bridge in London, is a great place to start the day. This bridge was the most advanced for its period when it was finished. It is still included in a number of movies today.
In order to avoid any traffic during trip to London, try to arrive as early as you can. Keep in mind that London is extremely congested almost usually, so you might want to head there as early as 5 am if you want some nice shots with this attraction.


The Tower of London is a mediaeval castle that houses the Crown Jewels and is only a few minutes’ walk from the Tower Bridge. You can reserve a tour guide in advance to learn more about it.

The Tower of London should be explore for about two hours while your trip to London.

Cathedral of Saint Paul- Trip to London

You may get to St Paul’s Cathedral by walking for around 25 minutes from the Tower of London. Keep in mind that taking pictures within the cathedral is not allow. You may either pay the £18 entry price to enter the church or just appreciate it from the outside. We haven’t yet seen what’s within.


Go to the London Eye by crossing the Millennium Bridge. Many people disagree, but in our opinion, riding in the London Eye can be rather romantic. The leisurely journey provides spectacular views of London.

From up there, you can see so many lovely structures, and we genuinely believe the London Eye is priceless when you have a trip to London. Either a standard ticket or a champagne-filled VIP cabin. There are also a variety of upscale dining options available at the London Eye.

Big Ben- Trip to London

To reach the renowned Elizabeth Tower, cross the Westminster Bridge. Hearing Big Ben for the first time was really wonderful. When you hear the beautiful Big Ben, you are certain to be in London.

The Great Bell of the clock house in the Tower is refer as Big Ben. Big Ben is only the bell; many people believe the entire tower to be Big Ben. To commemorate Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, the tower’s previous name, the Clock Tower, was change to Elizabeth Tower.


For many years, I had fantasised about seeing this amazing structure. I still believe it to be the most magnificent structure in the entire world. Well, that is, if you enjoy gothic design. And I would like a world built entirely of Gothic structures. You may go over Westminster Bridge to the other side to see the Palace of Westminster in all its glory. One of the most magnificent views in all of London, the Palace of Westminster, has a rich history.

Westminster Abbey– Trip to London

Visit Westminster Abbey to round out the evening during your trip to London. Since 1066, every English and British coronation has taken place at the protestant Westminster Abbey, which also hosts daily services. Be prepared for large lineups, but the wait will be worthwhile because the location is so stunning.


Her Majesty The Queen, who is the ruler of the United Kingdom, resides in Buckingham Palace in London. A lovely private room or the changing of the guard may be seen. To further understand this place’s history and each of its components, we advise taking a tour. Really, it’s very amazing.


You should not skip a visit to the Natural History Museum. To make matters worse, you could lose sight of time by spending a lifetime exploring it. It costs nothing to enter. Its exhibits and gorgeous atmosphere are really something you’ll enjoy when you will have a trip to London.

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