Viva Aerobus

VivaAerobus is a Mexican inexpensive airline absolutely owned by way of the greatest bus corporation team in Mexico, IAMSA, and was once co-founded through and invested in with the aid of Irelandia Aviation. Based in Monterrey International Airport, Mexico, it operates flights at some stage in Mexico and the United States. 

Baggage Policy

Personal item

A non-public object is blanketed with all of our tour options: a handbag, a pc bag, a backpack, or a purchasing bag. Your private object needs to suit below the seat in front of you at some point of the flight and can’t exceed the following dimensions: 18 inches lengthy x 14 inches excessive x eight inches wide.


  • Light, Extra, and Smart fares consist of a carry-on bag, which can’t exceed most dimensions of sixteen inches long, 10 inches wide, and 22 inches high, inclusive of handles and wheels.
  • When traveling in Light or Extra, the most weight allowed is 22 lbs. If you extended the weight or choose Smart, you can raise up to 33 lbs.
  • If your baggage exceeds the weight or no longer suits effortlessly in the bag sizer positioned in the boarding areas, our group of workers will take a look at it for a fee.
  • If the flight is full or your baggage does no longer healthy in the plane’s overhead bins, one of our agents might also request you to take a look at it at no cost, giving you a tag to pick out it up at your destination.

To make sure your baggage will tour in the passenger cabin, we propose making certain it meets the vital specifications, in addition to including our Priority Boarding carrier and arriving early to your boarding gate.

Items allowed in the cabin

Safety guidelines restrict the number of liquids, aerosols, and gels allowed inner your carry-on bag:

Liquids, aerosols, gels, pastes, lotions, creams, or comparable gadgets ought to be saved in small containers with a potential of no greater than 3.4 oz l (100 ml), in an obvious and resealable plastic bag with an ability that does now not exceed 1 liter.

Medicine in portions increased than 3.4 oz l (100 ml) needs to have an RX signed through a doctor, which states you require that dose at some stage in the flight.

For flights to the United States, it is prohibited to transport powdered merchandise in portions larger than 12 oz (350 ml) in a carry-on bag. All powdered merchandise has to be packed in checked baggage.

Checked baggage

If you are traveling with Extra or Smart, the first checked bag is protected at no extra cost. For Extra, the weight is 33 lbs., and for Smart, it is fifty-five lbs.

Your baggage can’t exceed the following dimensions: sixty-two linear inches (length + width + height), which includes handles and wheels.

Regardless of the fare, you choose when shopping for your ticket, you can add baggage to your reservation for a fee, which will rely on the weight of your baggage. The most allowed weight for checked baggage is seventy-one lbs.  

Web check-in

Yes, you may additionally check-in for your Viva Aerobus (VB) flight online beginning seventy-two hours and ending four hours prior to departure. Passengers ought to print out their boarding bypass prior to arrival at the airport, or will be difficult to a USD 12 fee.

Ticket counter check-in

Yes, you can also take a look at your Viva Aerobus (VB) flight at the airport ticket counter from two hours to forty-five minutes prior to departure for home flights and from 3 hours to forty-five minutes prior to departure for global flights. 

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